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Greene County Soil & Water Conservation District (GCSWCD) assists Greene County landowners in the completion of Soil Group Worksheets (Form APD-1) and soil maps, which are required for participation in the Agricultural Assessment Program. Agricultural Assessments are due March 1st annually. This service is free to all Greene County landowners.

What is the Agricultural Assessment Program?

cauliflower photoThrough the Agricultural Districts Law, property tax bills can be reduced for eligible landowners with land used for agricultural production. Lands may be inside or outside of Greene County’s Agricultural District 124. Land rented for agricultural production may also be eligible for an Agricultural Assessment.

Am I eligible for an Agricultural Assessment?

Eligibility is determined by the local town assessor or a board of assessors in the municipality where the application is submitted. General eligibility requirements are listed below:

  • Owned or rented land must be at least seven acres, contiguous or non-contiguous, which has been used in the preceding two years for production of crops, livestock, or livestock products, and yielded an average of $10,000 in gross sales annually.
  • Owned or rented land less than seven acres must have yielded an average of $50,000 gross sales annually for the previous two years to be eligible.

Note: Startup farm operations are eligible if they meet the same acreage and gross sales requirements listed above.

More information on the Agricultural Assessment Program, including eligibility requirements, can be found at the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance page.

You may also contact your local town assessor. Further information on the town assessor for each municipality can be found on the local municipalities’ website. A list of the Greene County municipalities’ websites can be found at the Greene County Government website.

How do I apply for an Agricultural Assessment?

Landowners must apply through their local town assessor for an Agricultural Assessment. Landowners must file one or more relevant forms with the Assessor by March 1st. Property owners should verify with their local town assessor which form(s) must be completed. Some of the most common forms are listed below:

  • Form RP-305, Agricultural Assessment Application
  • Form RP-305-r, Agricultural Assessment Renewal
  • Form RP-305-c, Agricultural Assessment Written Lease Affidavit for Rented Land

These forms, as well as many other agricultural tax forms, can be found at the NYS Department of Taxation and Finance Property Tax Forms - Agricultural Assessment webpage.

How does GCSWCD help me complete my Agricultural Assessment Application?

GCSWCD will complete the first step in the application process by plotting all eligible farmland on each tax parcel enrolled in the program and creating individual soil maps for each parcel. Woodland areas and ineligible lands should be communicated with GCSWCD, though they may not appear on the soil maps. These maps are developed using tax parcel maps, soil maps, and the most recent aerial imagery for Greene County.

The farmland will be classified by soil productivity. This information will be recorded on the Soil Group Worksheet (Form APD-1) for each tax parcel. The Soil Group Worksheet is used to fill in the Agricultural Assessment Application.

Note: Soil s are updated annually at the beginning of each year. GCSWCD begins Soil Worksheets and soil maps when the new soil s updated, usually the end of January.

What information do I need to provide to GCSWCD?

Soil Worksheets and soil map requests can be made at any time. The District is aware of the March 1st deadline for the Agricultural Assessment Applications. In order to ensure the documents are completed in a timely manner, please make sure you provide all of the following information:

Property Owner Contact Information

  • Property Owner/Business Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email (optional)

Rental Status

  • Is the land farmed by property owner or is it rented to another individual?
  • Renter Contact Information
  • Name of renter
  • Phone Number
  • Email (optional)

Property Information

  • Tax Parcel ID (optional, if known. ex. XXX.XX - X - XX)
  • Tax Parcel Local Address
  • Agricultural District Inclusion Status
  • Recent Property Changes (such as change in ownership, clearing of woods, subdivision, etc.)

Submit a Request Online

Requests can now be submitted online, using Tripetto! Please click the button below to access the online Agricultural Assessment Request Form.

Agricultural Assessment Request Form Button

Submit a Request by Phone

To make a request over the phone, please contact the GCSWCD Main Office at 518-622-3620.

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