Promoting Wise Management of Natural Resources in Greene County, New York Since 1961

Greene County Web Map is a useful tool and a great place to start when making property decisions.

Greene County Web Map (link)

  1. Click Parcels> Search by Name, Address, or Parcel I.D.
  2. Note: Search is sensitive, misspellings or spaces will invalidate search.
  3. Click layers>Environmental>Wetlands

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory: Wetlands Mapper (link)

  1. Click Number 3: 'Click here to open the Wetlands Mapper'
  2. Type address in "Find Location" search bar in top right
  3. Click "Find Location"

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation: Environmental Resource Mapper (link)

  1. Click 'Enter Environmental Resource Mapper'
  2. Search by Address, Zip Code, County, or Town
  3. Click 'Find'
  4. Click 'Layers and Legend'
  5. Check: 'State-Regulated Freshwater Wetlands' (Uncheck all other selections)

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