Promoting Wise Management of Natural Resources in Greene County, New York Since 1961

pmc-overview-July-11Plant materials are critical to the long-term success of stream restoration projects, and they must be available both in sufficient quantities and at the appropriate times. To address current and anticipated needs for native plant materials, the GCSWCD has a program to develop sources of plant materials. This program places primary emphasis on development of multiple sources of plant materials as well as improvements in establishment rates, flexibility in seasonal plantings, and sustainability of the plantings once they are established.

potting-up-July-11The District has a Plant Materials Center (PMC) in Maplecrest that houses many different species of potted native Catskill trees and shrubs. The plant beds are equipped with a complete irrigation system and maintained by District staff. Many plant materials were produced via the native seed collection program which was initiatied in 2008. The District utilizes native Catskill trees and shrubs.

The District's plant materials are used in our stream restoration and Catskill Streams Buffer Initiative plantings.



sca-pmc-plantinSince 2007, GCSWCD and NYCDEP staff have planted thousands of trees and shrubs from the Plant Materials Center (PMC) at stream restoration projects. After planting, staff monitor approximately 10% of the trees at each site for five years to record survival, growth, predation, and other noteworthy characteristics.


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