The Purpose of Stream Management Plans

Stream Management Plans provide a comprehensive review of stream characteristics, data, maps, and recommended management strategies. Management strategies consist of measures to individually and collectively reduce the risks of living along Catskill streams, improve the ecology of the stream and floodplain, while protecting the stream's many resource values. Ultimately, the plans are meant to assist watershed municipalities and residents in planning for a sustainable future for their property, infrastructure, water and biological resources. Ensuring the health of the watershed's environmental resources will also help to secure a future of prosperous economic growth and a good quality of life for watershed residents. (Text adopted from

East Kill; picture retrieved from

Get Involved in the Stream Management Process in Your Watershed!

Big Hollow Stream Restoration ProjectThe development, adoption, and implementation of Stream Management Plans provide many opportunities for community participation. These opportunities include:

  • Attending public meetings: The Schoharie Watershed Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public
  • Participating in focus group discussions
  • Reviewing descriptions of stream areas you know well
  • Becoming familiar with plan contents
  • Assisting on working groups
  • Participating in workshops and activities like stream clean-ups or streamside plantings
  • Supporting town adoption of stream management plans
  • Communicating interest in implementing plan recommendation

If you would like to get involved with Stream Management in the Schoharie Watershed contact GCSWCD or the Watershed Assistance Program.

Unsure about the Stream Management process and how it affects you?

Interested in what projects and processes have been undertaken in your area?

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NYCDEP Stream Management Program
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Dave Burns, Project Coordinator
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