What is Watershed Education?

Joel_at_streamWatershed education is an important tool for protecting and restoring both urban and rural watersheds. The primary goals of watershed education include increasing community awareness of watershed issues, preserving local water resources, and gradually changing resident behaviors to reduce the amount of pollutants from stormwater runoff.

Education programs may focus outreach on a single behavior on a broad basis, or concentrate their efforts at the subwatershed level. The most effective watershed education programs focus on key pollutants or behaviors, carefully target their audiences, and survey residents to understand their attitudes before designing education campaigns.

Education & Outreach in the Schoharie Watershed Program

The goal of the Schoharie Watershed Education & Outreach Program is to assist Schoharie Watershed residents, landowners, municipal leaders, and other community members with watershed issues. The SWP offers many outreach programs including trainings, workshops, and watershed tours.

SWP Education Programs