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Study Description

September 2009, project advisory team reviews preliminary Build OutThe Town of Hunter, the Village of Hunter, and the Village of Tannersville recently partnered with the WAP and the Greene County Planning and Economic Development Department (GCPED) to conduct a comprehensive land use and development analysis for the State Route 23A corridor region between the Hamlet of Haines Falls and the Village of Hunter—the "Hunter Corridor". The purpose of the study was to assess the potential impacts from future development on the municipalities’ environmental (namely water quality), community and infrastructure resources, as well as to identify suitable areas for community growth that are compatible with the villages and hamlet extension areas.

The Hunter Corridor Project Advisory team represents planning and municipal officials from the three participating communitiesThe Hunter-Tannersville Corridor is poised for future development since the Villages each have a wastewater treatment facility, are in close proximity to one another (within 3 miles), and the region is a desirable area to live and recreate in. If not properly planned, however, future development may result in unintended environmental, water quality, and community consequences along the State Route 23A corridor.

Hunter_Corridor_meetingServices and resources examined in the Hunter Corridor Study included potable water, stormwater, wastewater, transportation, traffic, and parking, natural, scenic and recreational resources, city and state regulations, and community and emergency services. The end result is a detailed planning and development analysis that will serve as a planning tool for municipal boards, planning boards, and property owners (businesses and residential alike) when planning and approving future development projects. The study took mitigation measures into account to avoid environmental and water quality impacts as well as areas for potential growth that are in line with maintaining high water quality standards.

Study Reports

HC_Study_Area_MapSome of the report documents are very large files. These files are available on CD through the Watershed Assistance Program if your internet connection is too slow to complete the download.